(ag-laa-o-nee' mah)

Common name: Aglaonema

Family: Araceae, Arum

Height x width: 1-3' x 1-3'

Foliage: green to dark green, variegated silvery or gray depending on species, cultivar

Flowers: spathe and spadix 2-6" long, less common in cultivation, non-showy

Light: tolerates low to very low

Temperature: warm, adapts to cool

Watering: moderate

Fertility: moderate

Humidity: average, some tolerate low

Soil: average

Pests and Problems: leaf spots, stem rots if overwatered, mosaic virus, spider mites, scales, mealybugs, aphids; too cold air or water and leaves brown

Growth habit, uses: foliage, low light

Other interest: native to Malaysia and the Philippines; name from the Greek aglaos meaning bright and nema meaning filament, perhaps refering to the shining stamens; fruits of some species may be poisonous

Other culture: variegated cultivars prefer more light, some cultivars prefer humidity

Propagation: division, tip cutting, air layer


commutatum (com-muu-tah' tum)--Ribbon Aglaonema, 2-3' x 18-24", dark green with grayish markings along veins, 12" long leaves oblong-elliptic

costatum (cos-tah' tum)--Spotted Evergreen, broad oval deep green leaves spotted white and with white vein, slow growth to 1-2', creeping, good for terraria, requires warmth

crispum (cris' pum)--Pewter Plant, Painted Drop-Tongue, silvery markings on green, robust to 3-4' tall, tolerates very low light

modestum (mo-dess' tum)--Chinese Evergreen, shiny dark green, waxy, glossy and lance-shaped to ovate, wavy margins, short clustering canes, tolerates very low light and low humidity

nitidum (ni-ti-dum')--dark green barred or blotched white, narrow elliptic to lance-shaped, to 3' tall

pictum (pic' tum)--lustrous bluish green, marked pale green or silvery gray, narrow elliptic to oval; requires warmth



Most are hybrids, with some cultivars of commutatum, but differences among references.
Cultivar foliage other
'Cutisii' silvery striped primary veins  
'Emerald Beauty' pale green markings on rich green  
'Fransher' slender, light gray markings  
'Malay Beauty' muted creamy commutatum
'Maria' small, rounded, dark green modestum
'Parrot Jungle' silvery markings on dark green  
'Pewter':'Malay Beauty'    
'Pseudobracteatum' irregular markings, pale stems commutatum
'Queen Julienne' silvery feathering on dark green  
'Ramona' silvered, compact clustered  
'Silver King' heavily silvered 24" tall
'Silver Queen' silvery markings, gray-green 18"
'Treubii' narrow, pointed, pale markings commutatum
'White Rajah' massive white variegation commutatum

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS121, Indoor Plants.

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