Cyclamen persicum 

(sigh-cla-men' per-si-cum')

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Common name: Florist's Cyclamen

Family: Primulaceae, Primrose

Height x width: 6-10" x 6-12"

Foliage: heart-shaped, dark green, usually with silvery central markings, on long petioles arising from corms

Flowers: waxy, on long reddish stems, held above foliage, arising directly from corms; generally white, red, purple, pink; unusual reflexed petals upwards from common tube, often of darker color; winter to spring, lasts 4-6 weeks in cool and draft-free

Light: bright

Temperature: cool 55-65ºF

Watering: on dry side

Humidity: average

Soil: well-drained

Pests and Problems: corm and root rots, gray mold, aphids, cyclamen mites, mealybugs; leaves yellow and fall from overwatering or too warm; stems and petioles stretch and flop if too warm

Growth habit, uses: flowering potted plant; combine mini-cyclamen in larger container, tolerate warm rooms better than standards

Other interest: native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean; from Greek kyklos meaning circular, refering to the spiraling of flower stem (peduncle) downwards after bloom on some

Other culture: fertilize half strength just prior to and during bloom; after bloom keep watered, fertilized until foliage dies; let soil dry for a few weeks, don't fertilizer; place outdoors in shade in summer and continue care, resuming fertility with leaf growth; repot every 2 years; keep moist while in bloom but avoid wetting corm, corm should protrude above soil; remove dead leaves and stems by gently twisting

Propagation: seeds (2,500 per ounce)

Cultivar flowers other
'Boheme' dark red  
'Bolero' mid-lilac  
Concerto series 14 colors and mix opera names listed separate
'Esmeralda' dark salmon red  
'Fidelio' rose  
'Finlandia' white  
'Giselle' salmon  
'Julia' bright rose  
Laser series 6 colors and mix miniature, 5" pots
'Manon' dark salmon rose, dark eye  
'Norma' white, violet rose eye  
'Ophelia' light salmon pink, rose eye  
Pannevis series: Concerto    
'Romeo' fiery red  
'Rosamunde' rose pink marbled leaves
Sierra series 13 colors and mix marbled leaves, early
'Victoria' white, red fringe late, open pollinated

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS121, Indoor Plants.

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