(dick-tam' nuss)

Common name:Gas Plant

Family: Rutaceae, Rue

Height x width: 3-4' x 3'

Growth rate, habit: slow; upright

Foliage: alternate, dark glossy green, compound into 9-11 leaflets

Flowers: white or pink in early summer, terminal racemes 12" or more

(photo courtesy motria, photobucket.com)

Hardiness: zones 3-7

Soil: well-drained

Light: sun

Pests and problems: few

Landscape habit, uses: border specimen

Other interest: common name from fact on a hot, still evening "gas" from flowers and leaves can be lit with a match, lemon scent when leaves rubbed

Other culture: resents transplanting, prefers nights below 70ºF, may need support

Propagation: sow seeds in late summer and cold stratify, cuttings possible, hard to divide


albus (al-bus')--white flowers

fraxinella: albus var. purpureus

Cultivars, other taxa species flowers other
var. purpureus albus mauve-purple, red veins more common than species, often seen as cv. Purpureus

(photo courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden plantfinder) 

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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