Iberis candytuft

(ii' ber-iss)

Common name: Candytuft

Family: Brassicaceae, Mustard

Height x width: 3-12" x 12-18"

Growth rate: moderate to fast

Foliage: often evergreen, alternate leaves, entire margins

Flowers: white or pink, 4 petals  (photo courtesy bergenia_photos, photobucket.com)

Hardiness: zones 3-7 to 9

Soil: well-drained

Light: full sun

Pests and problems: root rot from too wet

Landscape habit, uses: rock gardens, cascading over walls, edging

Other interest: most originally from Spain (fomerly Iberia, hence genus name), actually a sub-shrub with woody stem bases

Other culture: cut back after flowering every couple years to maintain vigor, quality

Propagation: seed, division, softwood cuttings of non-flowering shoots


gibraltarica(gi-brawl-tar' i-ka)--Gibraltar Candytuft, zones 7-9, 9-12" x 12", pink and white flowers in spring in umbel-like inflorescences, toothed leaves in basal rosettes

saxatilis(sax-ah-till' iss)--Rock Candytuft, zones 2-7, 3-6" x 6", white flowers in spring, flowering and non-flowering stems, species name means "growing on rocks"

sayana(say-yah' nah)--Miniature Candytuft, zones 3-6, 1-2" x 10", white flowers in early spring, good for alpine troughs

sempervirens(sem-per-vir' ens)--Evergreen Candytuft, zones 3-8, 9-12" x 18", white flowers in spring with cool weather causing more pink tints, flowers not terminal but in lateral axils, long period of bloom, most popular of genus with most cultivars (often few differences), used for centuries

Cultivars: (of sempervirens)
Cultivars, other taxa flowers other
'Alexander's White' white 10-12" tall, many flowers
'Autumn Beauty' white 10" tall, fall rebloom
'Autumn Snow' clear white, large 8-10" tall, fall rebloom
'Climax' white 12" tall, shears as hedge
'Dwarf Snowflake' pure white, 2-3" clusters 6-8" tall
'Findel' white, many 10-12" tall, nice foliage
'Little Gem' (Weisser Zwerg) clear white, small 5-8" tall
'Nana' white, small 6" tall
'October Glory' white 8" tall, fall reblooms
'Perfection' white, many 8" tall, compact, rounded
'Purity' white, many 6-8" tall, green leaves
'Pygmaea' white, small 2-3" tall, groundcover
'Snowflake' (Schneeflocke) pure white, 2-3" clusters 8-10" tall
'Snowmantle' pure white 6-8" tall, compact
'Winter Magic'(Winterzauber) white 10" tall, early flowers

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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