(lew-can' theh-mum)

Common name: Shasta Daisy

Family: Asteraceae, Aster

Height x width: 1-3' x 1-2'

Growth rate, habit: moderate; upright clump

Foliage:  alternate, coarsely toothed, lower oblanceolate and upper lanceolate (photo courtesy of Jenn729pics, photobucket.com)

Flowers: heads on top of long stems, 2-3" across, broad white ray flowers with blunt (obtuse) tips, yellow disk flowers, summer

Hardiness: zones 5-9 (some cultivars marginal in 5, occasionally live in 4)

Soil:fertile, moist, well-drained

Light: sun in north, part shade in south

Pests and problems: leaf spots, stem rots, powdery mildew, four-lined plant bug, leaf miner, aphids, mites, others as for chrysanthemum

Landscape habit, uses: borders either massed, small groups or single; cut flowers

Other interest: of hybrid origin; famous breeder Luther Burbank in early part of this century bred original cultivars which were much as we see today, with breeding near the white peaks of Mt. Shasta in California hence the name; originally in genus Chrysanthemum and still listed there by some

Other culture: keep old flowers removed for repeat bloom; provide good air circulation to minimize disease

Propagation: seeds (21,000-35,000 seeds per ounce) is primary method even for cultivars; division of clumps every couple years or of rooted stoloniferous shoots


x superbum (sue-per' bum)--primary species of commerce and of cultivars

Cultivars: (of x superbum) representing the most common and available in the U.S. (those marked * are perhaps most common)
Cultivars height flower  flower color, other
'Aglaia' 2' double frilled, 3" across
'Alaska' 2-3' single 3" across, zone 4 hardy
'Barbara Bush' 2-3' single crested gold center, creamy margined leaves
*'Becky' 2-3' single one of best for heat, rain, summer; long bloom
*'Broadway Lights' 2-3' single starts yellow turning white
'Cobham Gold' 15-18" double creamy white
'Diener's Double' 2' double frilled petals
*'Esther Reid' 18-24" double early
'Exhibition Double' 3-4' double fringed petals
'Little Miss Muffet' 8-12" single creamy white, orange center, 2-3" wide
'Little Princess' 2-3' single large
'Marconi' 3' double 3-5" across, very popular
'Polaris' 3' single 4-5" across
'Silver Princess' 12-15" single good for bedding out, from seed, long bloom
'Snow Lady' 12-15" single from seed, AAS 1991 winner
'Starburst' 4' single 4" wide
'Switzerland' 2-3' single hardy, long bloom, heat tolerant
'T.E. Killin' 30" single crested gold center, good cut, old-fashioned
'Tinkerbelle' 30" single stiff stems
'White Knight' 18-24" single many flowers, short-lived, later bloom
'Wirral Pride' 2-3' double center crest

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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