(plat-ee-co' don)

Common name:Balloon Flower, Chinese/Japanese Bellflower

Family: Campanulaceae, Bellflower

Height x width: 24-36" x 12-18"

Growth rate, habit: moderate; clumping

Foliage: ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 1-3" long, sharply dentate margins, alternate, glabrous upper surface, glaucous-blue lower surface

Flowers: usually blue, also white or pink; buds balloon-shaped, flowers saucer-shaped; flowers at end of long stalks (peduncles); summer

Hardiness: zones 3-8

Soil: well-drained, slightly acidic prefered

Light: sun or part shade

Pests and Problems: few, possibly botrytis blight, root rots, mites

Landscape habit, uses: border, rock garden, cutting

Other interest: native to eastern Asia; common name refers to bud shape; genus name is from the Greek for "broad bell" refering to the flower shape

Other culture: long lived, may need staking in south and part shade, late to emerge in spring

Propagation: seed (27,000 seeds per ounce) flowering second year, division is difficult due to long taproots (spring is best)


grandiflorus (gran-di-floor' us)--only species of cultivars and commerce
 Cultivars: (of grandiflorus)
Cultivar, other taxa flowers other
albus white yellow or blue veins
apoyama violet 10-15" tall
apoyama 'Fairy Snow' white 8-10" tall
'Astra' blue, white, pink 4-9" tall
Fuji series pink, white, blue 2-3' tall, good cut flowers
'Hakone Blue' blue, double 18-24" tall
'Hime Murasaki' blue violet, large 15-18" tall
'Komachi' blue 2" bud never opens
mariesii blue, 2" wide 1-2' tall
'Misato Purple' violet-purple 15-18" tall
'Mother of Pearl' pale pink, large  
'Perlmutterschale':'Mother of Pearl'    
'Purple Princess':'Hime Murasaki'    
'Sentimental Blue' blue, 2" wide 6-9" tall
'Sentimental White' white, 2" wide 6-9" tall
'Shell Pink' pink, 2" wide 18-24" tall

('Astra' photo courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden plantfinder)

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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