Plantago major

Common name: Broadleaf plantain                                   Another photo of broadleaf plantain

Family: Plantaginaceae

Origin: Eurasia

U.S. Distribution: Throughout

Height: Up to 8 in.

Foliage: Alternate in rosettes, all basal, elliptic to broadly ovate, strongly ribbed and waxy

Flowers: Small tubular flowers in short cylindrical spikes

Bloom time: June to September

Habitat: Pastures, meadows, lawns

Soil: Rich, moist soil

Other: Latin name of the plant from ‘planta’ meaning sole of the foot, referring to the shape of the leaves. Plants are durable - can withstand repeated trampling. Leaves can be eaten and are said to have a slight mushroom taste with some bitterness. Crushed leaves can be applied as a poultice to relieve the pain of insect stings or poison ivy itch.

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