Setaria spp. 

Common name: Foxtail

Family: Graminae

Origin: China

U.S. Distribution: Throughout

Height: Up to 4 ft.

Foliage: Blades up to 25 cm long, flat, with hairs on upper surface, with keeled sheaths

Flowers: Dense panicles, spikelike, yellow at maturity

Bloom time: July - September

Habitat: Cultivated and other disturbed soils

Soil: Moist, rich soil

Other: Name comes from the Latin "seta", meaning bristle. The grains of the Setaria spp, also known as millet, are one of the oldest cultivated cereals. They are eaten as porridge or cooked like rice. The species italica, glauca, verticillata, and viridis are edible.

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