Common Name: Flowering Maple, Parlor Maple, and Indian Mallow

Family: Malvacae (Mallow)

Height x Width: 1-12' x 1-6'

Growth habit: upright, shrub-like

Growth rate: fast in warm setting

Foliage: Usually trifoliate, resembling the genus Acer (hence the common name, flowering maple). Leaves can be medium green or speckled with gold. The gold results from a virus.

Flowers: Usually yellow or orange petaled, although pink, mauve, red, apricot, purple, and white are also available

Hardiness: varies with species, generally zone 8 and 9

Soil: well-drained, average

Light: Sheltered sun to shade south, tolerates full sun in north if sufficient water

Pests & Problems: Aphids, spider mites, scale insects, whitefly, and mealybugs. Drafts and changes in location can cause leaf drop.

Landscape Habit & Uses: A pretty container plant for cooler climates. In warmer areas, they are a small shrub that do well trained against walls.

Other Interest: Native to southern Brazil.

Other Culture: Prune untidy or lanky stems in the spring. Water well in the summer, but avoid waterlogging the roots. Water sparingly in the winter, but avoid letting the plant dry out completely. Warm in the summer (outside) and cool in the winter (50-54ºF, 10-12ºC).

Propagation: Tip cuttings taken in the spring. Hybrids may be grown from seed and will bloom the same year if started in the winter.


Cultivar Species Foliage Flowers
'Album' vitifolium Green white
'Apricot' x hybridum Green Pale orange with darker red veins, bell-shaped
'Ashford Red' x hybridum variegated Soft red
'Boule de Neige' x hybridum Green White, flushed with pale pink in the summer, narrow, bell-shaped.
'Canary Bird' megapotamicum Glossy, green Clear yellow, bell-shaped.
'Cannington Peter' x hybridum Yellow-mottled Dark crimson incurved.
'Cerise Queen' x hybridum Dark green Medium-deep pink, with spirally overlapping petals. Has deeper pink veins.
'Cynthia Pike' x milleri Shallowly lobed Orange-yellow spreading petals with red calyces.
'Daffy' x milleri Three-lobed Yellow with spreading petals, very floriferous.
'Dwarf Red' x hybridum plants under 2 feet orange-red bells
'Fireball' x hybridum   red
'Gold Dust' pictum pale green splotched yellow orange, continuous
'Golden Fleece' x hybridum Green with reddish-purple veining, more heart-shaped than others. Pale yellow, bell-shaped, with incurved petals.
'Gorer's White' x suntense green Open, white, very floriferous.
'Hinton Seedling' x milleri Almost unlobed Red, with spreading petals.
'Jermyns' x suntense green Deep mauve
'Kentish Belle' x milleri Green, long and narrow Large, orange flowers with red veins.
'Linda Vista Peach' x hybridum   peach
'Louis Marignac' x hybridum Green with three pronounced lobes Pale pink, with incurved and overlapping petals.
'Moonchimes' x hybridum Medium green Yellow with an apricot tip in bud, pale yellow in flower. Bell shaped or flat.
'Nabob' x hybridum' Dark green Dark raspberry colored flowers, with incurved petals.
'Orange King' x hybridum Green Dark orange
'Patrick Singe' x milleri Green Orange, with spreading petals.
'Ruby Glow' x hybridum Variegated Dark orange with red veins.
'Savitzii' x hybridum 3" long, white blotched with green  
'Silver Belle' x hybridum Medium-dark green White, petals wide spreading, with yellow stamens.
'Snowfall' x hybridum under 2 feet tall white, continuous bloom
'Souvenir de Bonn' x hybridum Variegated Orange with red veins
'Tangerine' x hybridum Green Similar to 'Apricot', but with brighter orange-yellow flowers
"Tennant White' vitifolium Dark green Large, white, open flowers.
'Thompsonii' pictum Golden mottled Salmon-orange with dark orange veins.
'Variegatum' megapotamicum Heavily blotched with yellow Yellow with a red calyx.
'Veronica Tennant' vitifolium Dark green Large, pale pink, open flowers.
'Vesuvius' x hybridum   coral and yellow petals in velvet plum calyx
'Victor Reiter' x hybridum   large, burgundy
'Violetta' x suntense Green Dark purple
'Wisley Red' megapotamicum Green Red, with large, dark-red calyx.
'Yellow Orange' x hybridum   yellow bells, crimson veins

©Authored by Rebecca Slater and Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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