Lantana camara 

(lan-tan' ah ca-mair' ah)

Common name: Shrub Verbena, Lantana

Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena, Vervain)

Height x width: 1-3' x 3-6'

Growth habit: shrubby

Growth rate: moderate to rapid

Foliage: ovate, slightly toothed, finely wrinkled, mid to dark green, pubescent on both sides and rough (scabrous) above, 2-4 inches long; contact may irritate skin

Flowers: heads 1-2 inches across of florets of varying colors and combinations-- red, yellow, orange, white, pink; from leaf axils

Hardiness: USDA zone 9 (sensitive to frost)

Soil: well-drained to sandy, fertile

Light: sun

Pests and Problems: aphids and whiteflies can be expected indoors; blooms poorly if too wet, too cool or insufficient light (as a cloudy northern summer)

Landscape habit, uses: massed in bedding, containers, hanging, trained upright as a single-stem standard, hedge in warm climates

Other interest: from the tropics, generally on acidic pine woodland and disturbed ground, where it may become a weed; may cause discomfort if ingested

Other culture: keep well-fertilized

Propagation: seed, semi-hardwood cuttings

Species: of the 150 species, only this one and its cultivars are of ornamental importance; another low spreading species, often forming a dense mat and sometimes seen is montevidensis

Cultivars: of the many cultivars available, these are the more common, those marked * being most common; camara unless noted as montevidensis (M)
Cultivar flowers/ foliage habit
'Carlos' red-purple, orange and gold centers dwarf
'Confetti' pink, salmon, red upright
'Gold Mound' ('New Gold') yellow trailing
'Greg Grant' pink, yellow; gold, cream variegated  
'Lavender' lavender trailing
'New Gold': 'Gold Mound'    
'New Red' red, yellow upright
*Patriot Hybrids various: white, peach, yellow weeping
'Radiation' orange, red  
'Samantha' (M) cream yellow; yellow swirled foliage trailing
'Silver Mound' (M) cream, lemon centers trailing
'Spreading Sunset' orange, yellow, fading pink with age  

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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