Trifolium repens  

Common name: White clover

Family: Leguminosae

Origin: Britain

U.S. Distribution: Throughout

Height: Spreading by underground and above ground stems

Foliage: Alternate, trifoliate, nearly obovate to oblong, serrate

Flowers: Small spikelike racemes; perfect, white, irregular flowers with 5 petals

Bloom time: June to October

Habitat: Lawns, roadsides, fields

Soil: Gravelly, sandy, well drained soil

Other: The genus name means three-leaf in Latin. The white clover is sometimes called Dutch clover because it was first grown there as an agricultural crop. It is now widely grown as a forage crop. Clovers are also used medicinally, the leaves and flowers can be used as a tea. They contain sodium which can help with the assimilation of iron in the body.

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