PSS 143 / ASCI 143
Forage and Pasture Management

Next Offered: Fall 2017

Forage crops and grasslands play a central role in sustainable, diversified agriculture.  PSS 143/ASCI 143, Forage and Pasture Management, covers the scientific principles and practical applications of the production, management, and utilization of perennial and annual forage plants used by ruminant and equine livestock. The course will involve a combination of lectures, reading assignments, "hands-on" activities, farm visits, problem solving exercises, quizzes and exams.

Sid Bosworth, Plant and Soil Science Dept., 208 Jeffords Hall
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Location and Time
This is a hybrid course that includes on-line lectures/quizzes/reading assignments plus a four hour block every Monday afternoon used for field and lab time.    Refer to the Registrar  website for specifics.

Three credits in BIOL or PBIO or permission of instructor

Course Topics
The following topics will be covered:

Field Activities (Lab)
The major objectives of the field activities are to provide some "hands on" activities involving forage and grazing management and to visit various types of farms to observe their management of forage crops and pastures.   Students should always come prepared for inclement weather (old shoes, work clothes, raincoat).

Reading Materials and Text:
Most of the reading material for this course will be in downloadable format (pdf) that will be posted on the course blackboard website.  There will also be several books on reserve at the library under PSS/ASCI 143.

Independent Projects
There is at least one independent  project during the course of the semester plus regular assignments.  A handout will be given the first day of class for each assignment providing instructions, due dates and grading procedures.

Grading and Points
The specifics will be posted at the beginning of the semester but about half of the final grade is based on tests and exams and the rest is based on the project, assignments and attendance.
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