1998 Vermont Flower Show

Non-Profit Organizations

Sheraton, Burlington (I89, exit 14W)

March 13-15, 1998

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Children's Discovery Garden, Jim Flint, 802-658-5733

Essex Technical Center, Don Canedy, 802-879-5569

Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont, Victoria Bergeron, 802-748-4581

Friends of the Horticulture Farm, David Heleba, 802-656-0473

Green Mountain Audubon Society, Medora Plimpton, 802-434-3068

Green Mountain Bonsai Society, Sandy Anderson, 802-899-3487

National Gardening Association, Shila Patel, 802-863-1308

NOFA-VT, Kirsten Bower, 802-434-4122

Outreach for Earth Stewardship, 802-985-8738

Shelburne Farms, Sarah Stahl, 802-985-8442

Shelburne Museum, Janice Szabo, 802-985-3348

Stowe Area Association, Julie Hickory, 802-253-7321

UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Mark Starrett, 802-656-0467

UVM Extension, Leonard Perry, 802-656-2630

Vermont Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Joanne Cummings, 802-828-2431

Vermont Entomology Society, R.T. Bell, 802-656-4349

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept., Linda Henzel, 802-241-3716

Vermont Garden Railway Society, Doug Johnson, 802-229-5005

Vermont State Parks, Frank Spaulding, 802-372-5060

Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program, Steve Sinclair, 802-241-3673

Women's Agriculture Network, Debra Heleba, 802-656-0233