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Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager

The Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager

Bill Jokela, John Rankin and Sue Hawkins, Associate extension professor and research technician, Department of Plant and Soil Science, University of Vermont, and manager Champlain Valley Crop Management Association,

This computer spreadsheet template was designed to help those developing nutrient management plans for dairy and other livestock farms by recommending manure application rates that provide the most cost-effective and environmentally sound use of the manure resource. The program recommends manure rates for individual fields based on soil test-based nutrient need, manure analysis, manure management information, and the user's choice of N, P, or K as the limiting nutrient. The program also keeps a running tally of the total amount allocated to all fields on the farm and compares it to the amount available for spreading. It also estimates an economic value of manure to be applied.

Download Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager

Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager Excel 97 - vmnm20.xls
Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager Example Excel 97 - vmnm20exp.xls

Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager Excel 5.0 - vmnm205.xls
Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager Example Excel 5.0 - vmnm205e.xls

Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager WordPerfect Instructions - vmnm.doc

The Instructions are contained in both the Excel spreadsheet and the WordPerfect File.

Download Dairy Manure Production Estimator

Dairy Manure Production Estimator Lotus 1-2-3 2.2 - dmpe.xls
Dairy Manure Production Estimator Example Lotus 1-2-3 2.2 - dmpexp.xls
Dairy Manure Production Estimator Instructions WordPerfect 5.1 - dmpe.doc

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