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Grass Biomass Energy
Grass Biomass Energy
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Almost a third of Vermont’s total energy demand is for heating purposes and nearly 60% of the heating fuel used in the state is No.2 heating oil.  Perennial forage grasses have the potential to be utilized as a biomass fuel for heating which could displace heating oil, a petroleum product subject to fluctuating prices.  How much of Vermont's demand for fossil-derived fuels can be offset with local, renewable grasses? UVM Extension and the UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, as part of the Vermont Grass Energy Partnership, is working to evaluate the limits of grass as a fuel feedstock, by studying the agronomy, chemical analysis, combustion performance, emissions and economic feasibility of grass-derived fuels. This site is devoted to agronomic research updates on the project as well as linkages to partner sites and other important grass energy resources.

Articles/Factsheets/Spreadsheets - Grass Biomass
Grass Energy: The Basics on Production, Processing and Combustion of Grasses for Energy
Production of Grass Biomass in the Northeast  

Factsheet: Establishing Warm Season Grasses for Biomass In Vermont
Factsheet: Establishment and Management of Switchgrass (Cornell)  
Factsheet: Switchgrass Production in Ontario - A Management Guide  
Grass Biomass Production and Harvest Cost Estimator (spreadsheet)

Project Reports
Evaluation of Warm Season Grasses for Biomass Potential  in Vermont
Evaluation of Intermediate Wheatgrass, Tall Wheatgrass and Reed Canarygrass for Biomass Potential in Vermont
Evaluation of a Seed Vigor Test and Seed Dormancy on Germination of Switchgrass
Nitrogen Fertilization, Time of Harvest and Soil Drainage Effects on Switchgrass Biomass Production and Fuel Quality
Biomass Production Potential on "Marginal" Land in Vermont   

A Technical Assessment of Grass Pellets as a Boiler Fuel in Vermont, January 2011
An Interim Assessment of the Vermont Technical College Pellitizer 2012

Project Conference/Field Day Summaries and Presentations
2008 Vermont Grass Energy Conference
2009 Renewable Energy For The Farm Workshop  
2010 Grass Energy Field Day Handout
2012 Vermont Grass Energy Field Day Proceedings

Across The Fence Program (Part 1) on the Grass Energy Project, 6/18/12
Across The Fence Program (Part 2) on the Grass Energy Project, 6/19/12

Grass Biomass Project Partners
Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, Montpelier, VT
Biomass Energy Resource Center, Montpelier, VT
Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT
Meach Cove Farm Trust, Shelburne, VT
Borderview Farm, Alburg, VT
Lincoln Farm, Randolph Center, VT

Links to Other Biomass Energy Sites
Grass Bioenergy - from Cornell Uninversity  
Grass Energy in the Northeast - a site for discussing the benefits and challenges of using grass for energy
Penn State Biomass Energy Center
REAP Canada - Switchgrass Biomass Research/Education  
eXtension - Biofuel Production
U.S. Department of Energy Biomass Program

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