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    Soil Fertility, Fertilization and Manure Management  
    Nutrient Recommendations for Field Crops in Vermont (newly updated 3/18)

    Using the PSNT Test for Predicting Nitrogen Needs of Field Corn

    Starter Fertilizer for Corn in Vermont 

    Manure Value Calculator and Breakeven Hauling Spreadsheet     Worksheet PDF

    Manure Spreader Calibration 

    Cover Crops for Corn Silage Systems

    Are N Fertilizer Additives Worth the Money?

    Past Projects

    The Vermont Dairy Farm Sustainability Project (2001 to 2003)

    FS1: A Summary of the Lower Missisquoi Water Quality Project in Franklin County, Vermont. 1990-1997

    FS2: Phosphorus and Potassium for Alfalfa-Grass Forages: Soil Tests, Crop Response, and Water Quality

    FS3: Manure Application Methods for Corn -Direct Incorporation of Liquid Dairy Manure for Fall, Spring, and Sidedress Application in Corn

    FS4: Missisquoi Crop Management Association

    FS5: Dairy Farmers Save Dollars and Nutrients by Participating in HUA Crop Management Service

    FS6: Optimizing Manure and Nitrogen Fertilizer Applied to Grass Hay Crops



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