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Vermont Pasture and Grazing Management
Pasture and Grazing Management
Topics and Articles
  • Species Selection and Establishment
  • Pasture Management
  • Fertilization and Nutrient Management
  • Weed and Pest Management
  • Poisonous Plants and Animal Disorders
  • Economics and Pasture Planning
  • Research Reports

    Vermont Pasture Network
    The Northeast Grazing Guide
    SARE PDP on Forage and Weed Identification

    Topics and Articles Top

    Species Selection and Establishment  

    Characteristics of Forage and Pasture Species Grown in Vermont

    Description and Seeding Rates for Forage Plants Growing in Vermont

    Interpreting Hay and Pasture Mixture Seed Tags

    Establishing and Managing Horse Pastures in Vermont

    Birdsfoot Trefoil As a Grazing or Hay Crop

    Identification Guide for Forage Legumes Grown in the Northeast  - a two page table of pictures and diagrams to help in the identification of the major forage legumes grown in the Northeast

    Identification Guide for Forage Grasses Grown in the Northeast   a four page table of pictures and diagrams to help in the identification of the major forage grasses grown in the Northeast  Updated in 2014 

    Forage and Pasture Plant Identification  - a power point presentation updated in 2014

    Forage Species Identification - a link to an excellent site from Purdue

    Developing a Bee-Friendly Pasture System

    Pasture Management Top

    Pasture Growth Rates in Vermont

    Pasture Management Through the Season

    Improving Pasture Production

    The Impact of Overgrazing Pasture

    Project Report: Pasture Quality At Shelburne Farms - 2005 

    Project Report: Assessing On-Farm Pasture Availability and Forage Quality for Dairy Feed Planning

    Using Farm Records to Determine Pasture Production and Growth Rates

    Fertilization and Nutrient Management Top

    Nitrogen Management on Pasture

    Managing High K Forages for the Dry Cow

    Nutrient Recommendations for Field Crops in Vermont 

    Pasture Pest and Weed Management Top  

    Commonly Found Weeds in Vermont Pastures

    Understanding Weeds - Management Options for Your Pasture

    Managing Smooth Bedstraw in Forage Crops

    Armyworms on Corn and Grass Forage

    Poisonous Plants and Animal Disorders Top  
    Plant Poisoning of Livestock in Vermont (a large pdf fact sheet that may take a little time to download)

    Poisonous Plants for Livestock- Cornell

    Managing Flood Damaged Crops and Forages

    Economics and Pasture Planning Top 

    Estimating Pasture Carrying Capacity, Pasture Yield, and Costs (an Excel Spreadsheet program)

    Research Reports Top  

    Project Report: The Evaluation of Raw Milk as a Pasture Biostimulant

    A Guide to Conducting 0n-Farm Pasture Research 

    Pasture Quality At Shelburne Farms - 2005

    Assessing On-Farm Pasture Availability and Forage Quality for Dairy Feed Planning


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