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  • Weeds and Weed Management
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  • Disease and Disease Management
  • Pesticide Information and Regulation
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    UVM Plant Diagnostic Lab

    The Vermont Crops and Soils Homepage provides these linkages for your access to more information, but we do not necessarily agree nor endorse all the information and ideas that you may find on some of these links.

    Integrated Pest Management 

    Assessing Field Corn Soon After Emergence

    Field Corn Scouting Checklist and Report

    New York IPM Guide for Field Crops

    Northeast IPM Center

    Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America

    Weeds and Weed Management 

    Commonly Found Weeds in Vermont Pastures

    Weed Seedbank  Summary of Vermont Organic Farms - 2013

    Weed Images from Un. of Mass

    Weed Images and Descriptions from Rutgers

    Weed Identification Guide from Virginia Tech

    Weed Management Recommendations for Field Crops - from Cornell Guide

    Weed Management Recommendations - from Penn State

    Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

    Managing Herbicide Resistant Crops

    Managing Smooth Bedstraw in Forage Crops

    Wild Chervil in Vermont

    Plant Poisoning of Livestock in Vermont 

    Weed Resource Information from Iowa State

    Weed Science Society of America


    Insects and Insect Management  

    Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

    Western and Northern Corn Rootworm in Vermont

    Western Bean Cutworm - A New Pest on Corn

    Armyworms in Vermont

    Field Crops Insect Management - from Cornell Guide


    Disease and Disease Management 

    Brown Root Rot in Alfalfa

    Mycotoxins In Silage: A Silent Loss In Profits

    Corn Ear Rot - A New Problem in 2009

    Field Corn and Alfalfa Disease Management - from Cornell Guide


    Pesticide Information and Regulation  

    Pesticide Regulation in Vermont - Agency of Agriculture

    Registered Pesticides in Vermont

    Vermon'ts Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction Program Laws and Regulations

    Pesticide Labels and MSDS Sheets (updated daily)

    EPA Pesticide Factsheets

    Assessing Health Risks from Pesticides -An  EPA Factsheet

    Extension Toxicology Network


    Biotechnology and GMO's 
    Government and Research Institution Resources

    Information Systems for Biotechnology - includes databasis of US and International field trials and commercial releases of GMO's

    USDA Aphis - Permitting, Notification, and Deregulation

    Biotechnology information resources from the National Agricultural Library


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