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Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor, University of Vermont

This website serves to provide supplemental information and updates to the Fruit Gardener's Bible (Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry, to be published January 2012 by Storey Publishing), emphasizing temperate zone tree and small fruits.  This book is an extensive and total revision by Dr. Perry of Fruits and Berries for the Home Garden, 2nd. ed. by Lewis Hill.



Glossary of Terms

Cultivar Lists

Tree Fruit Growth Stages

Getting Started

Outwitting the Weather (new 2012 USDA hardiness zone map)

Making More Plants

Growing Cold Climate Grapes 

(pdf powerpoint presentation)


Pruning Fruit Trees-- (video) 

(Real Media)  (Windows media)  (blip.tv)

Less Common Fruits

Buying the Book-- January 2012 release (about the book) (video author interview) (book review, from Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio)

Book Notes (changes, clarifications)


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