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Spring, Summer News Article

Native Trees for the Landscape

By Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
University of Vermont

Trees dominate our landscapes, forming not only the framework for our outdoor living spaces, but also the overall theme of our surroundings.

Alien trees may be beautiful, but native trees offer a unique advantage. They evolved here in northern New England. That means you can be sure they are hardy, are able to tolerate the weather and pest populations found here, and can make our united landscape look like it "fits." They also provide food and shelter for our birds and small mammals.

If you're looking for an evergreen, a shade tree, or a flowering tree for your landscape, why not try one of these?

Evergreens protect your property from wind and snow and provide year-round shade. Here are some species suitable for growing in this part of the country:

Shade trees provide shade in summer. All do best in moist soils and full sun although Red maple and American hophornbeam also do well in light shade. Many native shade trees develop good fall color. Here are some of the ones I recommend:

Flowering trees add seasonal color to our landscapes in the form of flowers and fruits. Their small size makes them appropriate for any yard. They do best in full sun and moist soil. Some of my favorites include:

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