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Blue Without You-- a matching quiz on blue hostas

Test your hosta knowledge, and hopefully learn a few new selections in the process! Match the description in the left column with the correct cultivar in the right column. Then check against answers at the bottom. For photos of many, check out some of the specialty hosta nurseries in your area or online, or just type the name into a search engine like Google. (new 3/02)
1. round, deeply cupped leaves; 16" wide and tall; white flowers; 'Tokudama' x sielboldiana; from Purtymun a. 'Blue Mammoth'
2. resembles 'Frances Williams'; 4' wide, 2' tall; corrugated leaves, creamy gold margin; 28" tall scapes of white flowers; from Lachman b. 'Big Mama'
3. large clump 5' wide, 3' tall; leaves heavily textured and puckered; light lavender flowers early; from Aden c. 'Reptillian'
4. another large clump 5' wide with 4' tall scapes of white flowers; thick, puckered leaves; from Aden d. sielboldiana 'Elegans'
5. powder blue, little known, from Smith (UK); 40" wide and 14" tall; thick, rounded leaves; light lavender flowers e. 'Brave Amherst'
6. unique, wavy, tapered leaves with "blue suede" texture; medium lavender flowers; 'Peter Pan' x 'Green Fountain' cross; from Avent f. 'Elvis Lives'
7. round leaves, powder blue, pointed when young; 2' wide and 15" tall; lavender-blue flowers; one of best blues; from Smith (UK) g. 'Love Pat'
8. leaves round, corrugated, deep blue; 3' wide and 20" tall; white flowers; good standard; from Aden h. 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
9. "grandfather" of large blue hostas; leaves round, corrugated; 5' wide, 30" tall; white flowers with lavender blush i. 'Halcyon'
10. steely blue leaves, corrugated, pointed, scalloped edge; 3' wide, 18" tall; light lavender flowers; very slow growing; from Sawyer j. 'Camelot'


Answers: 1h, 2e, 3a, 4b, 5j, 6f, 7i, 8g, 9d, 10c

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