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Bulb Photos 

Ever dig up a bulb by mistake and wonder what it was?  Or perhaps you got those bulbs you bought mixed up, or forgot to label them?  Then these photos may help (click links for photos).

Scientific Name Common Name (cultivar if shown)
Anemone blanda Anemone
Camassia leichtlinii Indian Hyacinth, Quamash
Chionodoxa forbesii Glory of the Snow
Fritillaria persica Fritillary, Persian
Iris reticulata Dwarf Iris
Hyacinthus Hyacinth
Muscari muscarimi (l), azureum (r) Grape Hyacinths
Narcissus Daffodil
Scilla sibirica Siberian Squill
Tulipa Tulip
Tulipa Tulip Casa Grande (l), Red Hunter (r)

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