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Cannas quiz

Test your canna knowledge, and hopefully learn a few new selections in the process! Match the description in the left column with the correct cultivar in the right column. Then check against answers at the bottom. For photos of many, check out some of the specialty hosta nurseries in your area or online, or just type the name into a search engine like Google. One extensive source with most of those below is
1. green and yellow striped leaves, maroon edge; bright orange flowers; from India in 1963 by Glasshouse Works a. 'Bengal Tiger' ('Pretoria')
2. narrow, grey-purple leaves; light pink flowers; from Longwood Gardens (PA) b. 'Pacific Beauty'
3. deep burgundy-black leaves; bright red flowers; from New Zealand via Johnnie Johnson c. 'Constitution'
4. reddish purple leaves striped yellow; bright red flowers d. 'Valentine'
5. grey-green leaves; large apricot flowers with rose throat; from breeder Kent Kelly (AK) e. 'Australia'
6. to 8' tall; red veins and green between, leaves to 2' long; small bright red flowers f. 'Pink Sunburst'
7. shocking purple with yellow and red stripes; to 7' tall; bright orange flowers; sport of 'Wyoming'; from Jan Potgeither of South Africa g. 'Durban'
8. grey-purple leaves; bright orange flowers; to 6' tall h. 'Apricot Dream'
9. very bright bluish-red flowers; dwarf under 3' tall i. 'Phaison'
10. yellow and green striped leaves like 'Bengal Tiger' only pink cast; light pink flowers; from Sunburst Bulbs of South Africa via Plant Delights Nursery j. 'Red Stripe'


Answers: 1a, 2c, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6j, 7i, 8b, 9d, 10f

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