Perry's Perennial Pages

Vermont Gardening Leaflets

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, University of Vermont, Horticulture Professor Emeritus

Allergies and Gardening | (pdf version)
Animal Pests of Flowers  | (pdf version)
Bulbs for Spring Bloom | (pdf version)
Butterflies in Your Garden | (pdf version)
Caring for Perennials | (pdf version)

Climate Change in the Garden | (pdf version)

Color in Flowers(pdf version)

Compost | (pdf version)
Daylilies | (pdf version)
Deer Resistant Perennials | (pdf version)
Drought Gardening | (pdf version)
Fall Perennial Care | (pdf version)
Fertilizing Landscape Plants | (pdf version)
Fire-safe Landscapes | (pdf version)
Flowers for Shade | (pdf version)
Forcing Bulbs Indoors | (pdf version)
Fragrant Perennials | (pdf version)
Garden Chrysanthemums | (pdf version)
Garden Design and Styles | (pdf version)
Garden Design to Reduce Stress | (pdf version)
Garden Mazes and Labyrinths(pdf version)
Garden Railways | (pdf version)
Gardening in a Changing Climate | (pdf version)

Green Gardening | (pdf version)

Groundcovers | (pdf version)
Growing Perennials in Containers | (pdf version)
Growing Perennials in Vermont | (pdf version)
Growing Roses in Vermont | (pdf version)
Hardiness | (pdf version)
Hardy Roses in Vermont | (pdf version)
Historic Gardens | (pdf version)
Hostas, Choosing and Growing | (pdf version)
Hummingbirds in Your Garden | (pdf version) 

Indoor Seed Sowing--Flowers(pdf version)

Indoor Seed Sowing--Vegetables | (pdf version)

Invasive Perennials | (pdf version)
Landscape Design Basics | (pdf version)
Landscape Gardening in Clay
Landscape to Conserve Energy
Low Maintenance Landscapes
Northern Drought Resistant Plants | (pdf version)
Peonies, Growing | (pdf version)

Perennial Flower Garden Design  (pdf)
Perennial Problems and Pests
Perennial Species for Containers | (pdf version)
Perennials for Specific Habitats | (pdf version)
pH for the Garden
Plant Hardiness  | (pdf version)
Plants for Historic Gardens
Poisonous Plants
Potentially Harmful Perennials
Powdery Mildew on Phlox and Monarda
Powdery Mildew Controls on Phlox and Monarda
Preparing the Garden for Winter
Propagation of Perennials
Proper Mulching | (pdf version)
Rock Gardening
Rooting Cuttings
Summer Flowering Bulbs
Water Gardening
Why Plants Fail to Bloom
Wildflower (Successful) Meadows | (pdf version)
Winter Protection of Roses 


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