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Perennials for heavy clay soils-- Crossword

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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Choosing the right plants for the right place is becoming increasingly popular, as it results in better success with
less work. This is often called ecological landscaping, or sustainable landscaping. The following are some of the best genera for this perennial habitat. Of course this will vary some with species, and with specific conditions such as extremes.  Fill in the genus names, with common names given for clues.


Across Down

2 daylily
4 blue stars
5 plume poppy
8 globeflower
9 blazing star
12 helen's flower
14 foxglove
16 coneflower
19 perennial sunflower
20 lady fern

1 bee balm
3 loosestrife
4 bugleweed
6 monkshood
7 goat's beard
10 black-eyed susan
11 pigsqueak
13 globe thistle
15 hollyhocks
17 windflower
18 michaelmas daisy

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