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Famous Horticulturists Crossword

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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Do you know some of these famous folks from horticultural history?  You may wish to check out a series of articles first.  Try it then without the words you'll find below the clues.


1 famous for his herbal of 1597, a gardener- barber- surgeon
7 leading french garden designer of Louis XIV, responsible for Versailles plants
12 arguably the most famous British perennial garden designer, early 20thC
13 famous German nurseryman and breeder, responsible for Goldstrum rudbeckia among many others
15 Greek from 3rd century BC, had first botanic garden
16 prolific Victorian garden writer, promoter of many new ideas
18 designed famous British gardens at Sissinghurst, author, poet
19 introduced the English landscape garden to America, Brooklyn, early 1800s
20 often considered the father of horticulture, author of book Hortus
21 physician from Asia Minor in first century AD, first to publish plant descriptions


2 famous German breeder of perennials, especially Astilbe, from Ronsdorf
3 one of our country's first noted horticultursts, a President too
4 5th mogul emperor, 17th century, known for his famed Taj Mahal gardens
5 the elder, Roman commander and naturalist, one of first to write on gardens
6 Swedish botanist responsible for binomial system of plant names we use
8 one of first noted women of British horticulture,1858-1934, name on many plants
9 arguably most famous landscape designer in U.S. history, designed Central Park and Boston's Green Belt
10 famous British rock garden specialist, author from early 20th century
11 famous botanical illustrator from Belgium, late 1700s-early 1800s
14 Dutch physician, nurseryman, introduced many plants from Asia
17 nurseryman from Philadelphia, first book on gardening in America in 1806

The Words: arends, bailey, dioscorides, foerster, gerard, ingwersen, jefferson, jekyll, lenotre, linnaeus, mcmahon, olmsted, parmentier, pliny, redoute, robinson, sackvillewest, shahjahan, siebold, theophrastus, willmott

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