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Native Perennials-- Crossword

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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Growing natural gardens and incorporating native perennials to the U.S. into perennial gardens has become popular.  The following are some good choices.  Fill in the genus, common names given as clues. 


Across Down

1 squirrel corn (eximia sp._
4 perennial sunflower
7 burnet
8 phlox
9 obedient plant
12 false lupine (caroliniana sp.)
14 green and gold
17 baneberry
18 blue stars
19 butterfly flower
21 blazing star
24 jack in the pulpit
25 pink turtlehead
26 helen's flower
27 bugleweed
29 black-eyed daisy
30 yarrow
31 false blue indigo
32 bee balm

2 hemp agrimony
3 michaelmas daisy
5 spurge (procumbens sp.)
6 stoke's aster
9 bearded tongue
10 coneflower
11 bearberry
13 bolton's aster
15 trillium
16 meadowsweet
19 columbine
20 bugbane
22 cranesbill (maculatum sp.)
23 foamflower (cordifolia sp.)
28 marsh marigold

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