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Soils Crossword

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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Below are some soil terms.  Can you fill in their names?


Across Down

1 compound other than animal or plant matter

7 soil high in pH

10 lime also containing magnesium

11 easy-to-work, rich loamy soils

15 process of soils becoming more acidic

17 nutrients plants need in small amounts

21 young soil, layers not formed

23 partly decomposed organic surface layer in forests

24 cement-like soil layer

25 to till below normal plow depth, generally below 6 inches

27 tiny individual soil particles clumping

28 alkaline soil

29 acidity or alkalinity, epressed as pH


2 lower soil pH

3 dense soil, artificially compacted when wet

4 water held in soil from surface tension

5 well-decomposed, stable organic matter in soils

6 soil recently deposited, as by floodwaters

7 dry, lacking water

8 exchange of air in soil, as by turning

9 loss of nutrients through downward drainage

12 to accumulate on soil surface

13 soil layer

14 degree that soil has air space or cavities

16 soil hard to penetrate by roots, water, air

18 class of soil based on proportion of sand, silt, clay

19 soil particles 0.1-1.0mm in diameter

20 soil particles less than 0.002mm in diameter

22 vertical section of soil through all layers
26 mellow soil, rich in organic matter, intermediate in texture



Need some help? word bank: acidify, aeration, adsorb, alluvial, alkaline, anhydrous, azonal, dolomite, calcareous, capillary, porosity, clay, sand, duff, flocculate, friable, hardpan, horizon. humus, impervious, inorganic, leaching, podzolization, profile, puddled, reaction, texture, subsoil, loam

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