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Drought Quiz

How good is your knowledge of gardening practices and plants for drought conditions?  Answers are at the bottom of the page.  For more information on this topic, check out OH Leaflet 72 and OH Leaflet 73.

1.  Gardening in dry climates is sometimes referred to as "zeroscaping".
 true false

2.  Which watering method is NOT the best way to conserve water?
 a. by hand, manual
 b. overhead sprinklers
 c. drip system
 d. soaker hose

3.  Perennials should be watered until the soil is wet to at least 4 inches.
 true false

4.  Newly planted perennials don't need watering as much as newly planted annuals.
 true false

5.  Which is the better watering regime under general conditions.
 a. daily, 10 minutes
 b. every other day, 20 minutes
 c. weekly, 20 minutes
 d. weekly, one or two hours

6.  Gray water is recommended for watering gardens.  What is it?
 a.  dirty rain water
 b. leftover household water such as from dishes
 c. unchlorinated water
 d. rainwater from gutters

7.  Which of the following cultural practices help to conserve water? (mark all that apply)
 a. adding organic matter to the soil
 b. using 3-4 inches (after settling) of organic mulch around plants
 c. fertilize less
 d. give plants more space

8.  Which of the following is generally LESS resistant to drought?
 a. Amsonia
 b. Baptisia
 c. Gaura
 d. Monarda

9.  Which of the following would not be a good choice for drought in the shade?
 a. Plantain Lily
 b. Dead Nettle
 c. Periwinkle
 d. Peony

10.  Which plants might be more resistant to drought? (mark all that apply)
 a. those with bluish or silvery leaves
 b. those with prickly leaves
 c. those with densely hairy leaves
 d. those with waxy coated leaves

1. false, it is actually "xeriscaping" (zeer-ah-scaa' ping); drought doesn't mean zero-scaping
2. b. overhead sprinklers
3. false-- at least 12 inches, 6 inches for bedding plants
4. false--obviously it depends on the plants, soils, climate.  But in general perennials do need watering well until established.  Then, they require less watering than annuals.
5. d.  It is better to water less often, but more deeply, than less often and more frequently which promotes shallow rooting less resistant to drought.  One hour of good watering will wet a sandy soil to about 12 inches.
6. b.  Any of the others can be used as well, and don't forget such sources as when you are getting the temperature right on bath water--collect it rather than let it go down the drain.
7. you should have marked all, see the leaflets mentioned above for more tips
8. d.  Monarda, although some cultivars seem more resistant than others
9. d. Peony, it is a good choice though for drought in the sun
10.  you should have marked all, see the leaflets mentioned above for more plants

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