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Food for Thought-- perennial plant names related to food

Those who know me know I like food, so why not a quiz with food names? Test your perennial cultivar knowledge, and hopefully learn a few new selections in the process! Match the description in the left column with the correct cultivar in the right column. Then check against answers at the bottom. For photos of many, check out some of the specialty nurseries in your area or online, or just type the name into a search engine like Google.
1. peony from Carl Klehm; creamy white, double, bowl-shaped flowers to 8" a. 'Cheddar Cheese'
2. peony from Carl Klehm; pink bomb-type flower, raspberry and yellowish center b. 'Spilt Milk'
3. peony from W. Krekler; white striped red, often ruffled, single to semi-double c. 'Guacamole'
4. peony from Carl Klehm; white ruffled with yellow petaloids blend, large, double d. 'Bowl of Cream'
5. daylily, creams, yellows and green tones; tetraploid, 6" flowers, from Roy Klehm e. 'Ice Cream'
6. daylily, from Roy Klehm; wide petals, red, yellow eye, tetraploid, 6" flowers f. 'Sun-dried Tomatoes'
7. daylily, from Griesbach-Klehm; dark cherry red, gold throat, 5" flowers, tetraploid g. 'Root Beer'
8. hosta with dark green leaves, wide gold border; 1' wide and tall; sport of 'Vanilla Cream' h. 'Raspberry Sundae'
9. hosta, chartreuse gold leaves with wide green edge, reverse variegated sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet' i. 'Dill Pickles'
10. hosta, 'Tokudama' hybrid, blue-green cupped leaves with stable streaking and speckling; 4' wide, 15" tall j. 'Peppermint Stick'


Answers: 1d, 2h, 3j, 4a, 5i, 6f, 7g, 8e, 9c, 10b

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