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Tresco Abbey 

Called a "horticultural world tour", this 17 acres of gardens located on a private island 30 miles off the southwestern tip (Lands End) of England is home to over 20,000 plants found in 80 countries.  It is considered one of the finest collections of subtropical flora in the Northern Hemisphere, and is situated around ancient priory ruins.  Because of the mild conditions created around it from the warm Atlantic currents, plants can grow here normally found only in conservatories in temperate regions.  The three terraces are hot and dry and contain plants from Australia and the Mediterranean.  The lower levels are more humid and cooler, and favor plants from South America and New Zealand.  Also at the gardens is the Valhalla collection of figureheads from ships wrecked over the centuries on the Isles of Scilly.  The gardens are reached by helicopter or ferry from Penzance on the English mainland.  Find out more online (

entrance, private home

overview of gardens

Agave, plants on slope

succulents on slope

priory ruins

view over water

upper path

view down to statue through tall hedge

view up steps

Mediterranean garden, pond

mosaic of shells

statue and plantings

lower path

flowery path

figureheads collection

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