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Spain Gardens   Spain gardens

The following few photos depict flowers and plants of Spring in Spain, mainly in Madrid and Seville areas.  (photos taken March 2011).

Madrid (north central)
town hall park

kale, artemisia

Sabatini gardens next to Palace

botanic gardens

cyclamen in main plaza 

former rail station tropicals

living wall, over 250 species, over 10,000 plants

living wall close

roof garden maze at Prado museum

Retiro Park, main pond

Retiro--tree lined walks

Retiro--former glasshouse and pond

Retiro--French style garden


Retiro--same, pruned Mediterranean cypress

Seville (south central/southwest)

orange trees lining streets

typical private courtyard

another courtyard

courtyard at cathedral

courtyard ground level, water channels

wisteria on arbor over walk

wisteria at Alcazsr palace

Alcazar, a courtyard

Alcazar, a pool

Alcazar gardens, palms

Alcazar, same

Alcazar, formal vista

grape vines over walk, Tio Pepe sherry building, Jerez

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