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Garden of the Month,  February 2001

Floral Park, Nice, France 

The following photos were taken late March, early April 2000 at the Floral Park (Parcs Florales) in Nice, France.  Located right on the Mediterranean, it has many types of floral displays, water features, and large greenhouses with several climates within.  Some impressive features for me were the masses of bulbs, which I did not expect to see in such a Mediterranean climate; the underplanting of ALL bulbs with other flowers such as primroses or pansies leaving no bare ground or mulch showing; and the justaposition of bulbs next to palms next to desert plants.

In a hurry or want an overview of some of these?  Then check out the Slide Show.

White narcissus

Cherries, palms

Pond, palms

Greenhouses, tulips

Inside tropical greenhouse

Tulips, desert garden, palms

White English daisy (Bellis) and purple primroses

Yellow tulips and pansies

Tulips and primroses, mixed colors

Dark pink, purple tulips

Red, white, blue bulbs

Overview of tulips, flag, sea

Variegated New Zealand Flax (Phormium), yellow hyacinths

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