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Garden of the Month,  February 2003

Dutch Floral Mosaics 

Each spring a floral parade is held on a middle Saturday of April in Holland, in the bulb region around Lisse.  Related to this, groups in the several towns the parade passes through prepare floral mosaics along the streets.  These are merely shallow wooden frames, lined with plastic, on which elaborate designs are crafted with flower petals-- primarily hyacinths (imagine the fragrance!).  Often they use their drawing to sketch onto the plastic first.  Some use the whole flower spikes, a different color filling each laundry basket,  others use individual flowers especially on the parade floats.  The following photos were taken in Voorhuit (1-6) and Noordwijk (sandy beach background), with a couple video clips at the bottom showing the process. 

For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.

making an artist's palette


side view of making mosaic, frame







duck--close up



RealMedia streaming video clips (no audio):

making a mosaic

making the artist's palette

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