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Philadelphia Flower Show 


One of the top Flower shows, more information can be found on their website.  These 2005 show photos provided courtesy of Sinclair Adam, Jr, Temple University.   Several of these photos are of their gold medal winning display on Progressive Women in Horticulture from the Philadelphia area, early 1920s..
General Arrangements Temple Univ. display
entrance red, white, blue arbor, greenhouse
perennial border, fountain mixed in grotto women sign
patio, fountain mixed inside greenhouse
grotto, faux ruins cart, flowers
church greenhouse back, redbud
house, porch, garden
closeup house flowers
gate, corner planting
furnished patio
yard games
flowering trees, shrubs, daffodils
Liberty bell
walk, tires
gold medal plants
lemonade stand
herbs, foliage
sundial, white tulips
corn, scarecrow

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