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Garden of the Month,  March 2002

Great Comp 

A hidden gem of 7 acres in Sevenoaks, Kent, this garden is the result of over 40 years work by Eric Cameron.  With lawn and terrace garden, it mainly features meandering walks through borders, rhododendrons, shrubs and woods.  Vistas abound, as do the unexpected and lovely faux ruins.  Many choice and unusual plants for the plant person.
 For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.

House and front gardens

Faux ruins

Path, shrub textures

Lawn, borders

Woods. geraniums

Ruins, view across beds

Back view

Rockery path

Italian walled garden

Geraniums, path

Geraniums, ruins

Shade bed

Woodland path

more details and photos at the Great Comp website.

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