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Garden of the Month,  March 2003

Floral Parade--Holland 

Each spring floral parades (bloemencorso) are held the middle of April in Holland, in the bulb region around Lisse and elsewhere.  The following sample photos, and videos, are from the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek which begins in Noordwijk, the North Sea coastal resort, and passes through 10 towns on a Saturday on it's way to Haarlem.  This parade, and the others, feature floats, as well as the traditionally decorated vehicles with flower arrangements and garlands, and marching bands.  Float flowers are generally a base of individual hyacinth flowers, tulip and narcissus petals.  Arrangements on these and vehicles use most any flower, from bulbs to asters, amaryllis, tropicals flowers and greens.  The evening before, these floats are on public display in Lisse, with many of the following photos taken there.

For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.


peacock float


peacock close up

music float


arrangement on car (asters, daisies, gerbera, snapdragons, lillies, other...)

truck and flower crates

Native American float (headdress in glads)

float arrangement (gerbera, tulip, fritillaria, roses, ivy, more...)

red SUV

bamboo and amaryllis on car

RealMedia streaming video clips (no audio):

parade--birds float, tractor

parade--carousel float (with Dutch audio)

parade--butterflies, moving wings

parade--eagle, native American (close up photo above, below)

float--native American float on display, close up

float--peacock float on display

more details and photos at the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek  website

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