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Wildflower Art of Quebec  helene richard art

The sample photos below are of art on display at the new gallery at the Montreal Botanical Gardens during 2011.  They were painted of Quebec wildflowers by botanist Hélène Richard of flowers she collected bicycling through the province, and painted on the textured surface of recycled paper from previous etchings.  Being a botanist, she includes much accuracy and anatomical detail.  (photos taken fall 2011).

main exhibit hall

artist figure with bicycle

Gentiana (gentian)

Gentiana close up

Tiarella close up (foamflower)

Iris flower and seeds

Arisaema (Jack in the Pulpit)

Asarum (American ginger)

Caltha palustris (marsh marigold)

Cypripedium (Lady slipper orchid)

Lilium canadense (Canada lily)

Sarracenia (Pitcher plant, carnivorous)

Solanum (nightshade vine)

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