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Garden of the Month,  April 2003

Holland Flowers 

This month of course is the prime one in the Netherlands with all the fields and gardens of bulbs and spring flowers.  The following photos, and videos at the bottom, are a sample of some of the sights of the country this month.

For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.

bulb fields near Voorhuit (central, near coast)

bulb field near Hoorn (north)

Clusius recreated garden (Hortus Botanicus website, Leiden.  Clusius  was a founder of this garden in 1594, and his garden of this period has been recreated.  He introduced many bulbs, including tulips, to Holland from Turkey, so is viewed as the father of the Dutch bulb industry.)

floating flower market, Amsterdam (located on the Singel canal, consisting of floating moored barges)

Bingerden, vegetable garden--  (Huis Bingerden website, east of Arnhem, a recently restored private estate and gardens open to the public, with 4 main areas: arboretum, potager, landscape park, kids garden)

Bingerden, naturalized narcissus

Hortus Bulborum, narcissus-- (a living museum of heirloom bulbs located near Limmen, and open in the Spring, for more see their website)

Hortus Bulborum, tulips

Veluwe (ok not flowers, but a beautiful landscape forest of public lands in central part of the country, full of bicycle and horse trails such as these)

flower bed (typical of many seen in spring in Holland, chock full of bulbs, in this case Jetfire narcissus in Noordwijk)

Panorama, one section (an art work in progress at Tulipland, near Voorhuit, depicting bulb growing in the region in the middle of the 20th century prior to extensive development)

Panorama, close up

Aalsmeer flower auction (the largest such in the world, near Amsterdam and Schipol airport, see more details on website)

RealMedia streaming video clips (no audio, except trains):

steam train near Hoorn in bulbfield (steam train website)

steam train and bulbs--2

steam train and bulbs--3

bulb field behind Keukenhof, Lisse

bulb field near Voorhuit

panorama, Tulipland

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