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Berkshire Botanical Gardens   Berkshire botanic garden

A small botanical garden in Stockbridge (western) MA, this is among the oldest in the country, and features various gardens, educational and special events. In 2012 special features were shade shelters designed by architects, and sun objects. The latter were from Greg and Natalie Randall of R.T. Facts in Kent, CT, entitled Garden Time: Objects Employing the Sun. These objects feature both antique and newly constructed armillaries, spheres and sundials made of stone, iron, bronze and other metals. Learn more on their website. photos from August 2012.


entrance to vegetable raised beds


vegetable raised beds and staking




windowbox on potting shed


perennial border near parking


succulents in metal containers


birds stone sundial


shade structure with green roof


artists class and garden beds


sun border and sundial


raised stone border




rusty sundial, roses


roses, rustic shed


windowbox on shed


formal herbs


perennial walk


shade garden




bromelliads in clay pots


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