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Toronto Music Garden 

An incredible landscape not to be missed if ever in Toronto, the Music Garden was designed by Julie Moir Messervy along with world reknown cellist Yo-Yo Ma as an interpretation of Bach's suite no.1 for unaccompanied cello.  The garden, as the suite, is in 6 parts.  The makings of this can be seen in a video documentary, and more details of the garden online.  It is one of the top landscapes I have visited. Photos were taken in May and August, 2005.

harborfront garden setting


1. Prelude sign

prelude garden, spring

prelude garden, summer

rock, Perovskia (Russian sage)

rock, spring colors

2. Allemande sign

birches, early morning light

swirl, grasses, dawn redwoods

birches, grasses in summer

3. Courante sign

Miscanthus in late spring, pavement detail

Miscanthus summer, Perovskia, path up hill

maypole, CNtower, spring

maypole, summer


4. Sarabande sign

sarabande in spring

sarabande in summer

water stone

5. Menuett sign


pavilion ironwork detail

walk to pavilion

rail, walk from pavilion

6. Gigue sign

gigue steps, spring

gigue border, summer

looking back over gardens from top of gigue

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