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Garden of the Month,  July 2003

Montreal Mosaicultures 2003 

For the second time, an international competition of floral mosaicultures is held in Montreal from June 20-Oct 6. The first competition was held there in 2000 (photos) and from Canadian provinces in 2001 (photos). This year features an even larger exhibition from 70 cities and organizations from about 35 countries, on the theme of Myths and Legends of the World.  Below are a few samples.

For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.

Cobras protecting buddha (India)

Kites of Hamamatsu (Japan)

Janus (Italy)

Swans (Holland)

Camels at the oasis (Dubai)

Oasis, garden in the desert (Dubai)

The Seal's Lament, seal (Quebec City, Canada)

The Seal's Lament, seal and globe and water

The Legend of Malobiannah (Edmendston, New Brunswick, Canada)

Flight of the condor (Peru)

Mozart name and profile (Austria)

Drum (Korea)

Dragon (Spain)

Flying carpet (Turkey)

Knight on horse (Belgium)

Dragon confronted by knight above

Colors of peace (Angers, France)

17th century gardener (Paris, France)

Legend of Moby Dick (Boston, USA)

Mother Earth (Quebec, Canada)

more details and photos at the Mosaiculture International Montreal 2003 website, and  Hamamatsu 2009.  

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