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Garden of the Month,  August 2002

Les Quatre Vents 


One of the largest and most important private gardens of Quebec, these roughly 8 acres of Francis Cabot comprise many quite separate and different gardens-- Japanese, hedge allee, perennial borders, raised vegetable/flower beds, moist woodlands, and more.  Although about 2 hours north of Quebec City near La Malbaie, because of the unique microclimate along the St. Lawrence, many tender and rare plants can also be found there.

For a quick overview, check out the Slide Show.







Japanese garden

red bridge

raised beds

more details are to be found in the book by Francis Cabot, The Greater Perfection: The Story of the Gardens at Les Quatre Vents, 9/01, Norton Publ.

Tours are only possible on appointment.  The telephone # to call to request an invitation is 845-265-2011 or email

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