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Montreal Chinese lantern festival 2009  Chinese lanterns

Each year the Montreal Botanic Gardens features a new and renown festival of lanterns, based on a theme, in their Chinese garden (the largest outside of China).  Lanterns are designed the previous year in Montreal, fabricated from silk in China, then shipped over and assembled for the festival that runs during September and October.  The theme for 2009 is Chinese astronomy.  Find out more on their website.


courtyard view through wall, dancer lantern

lanterns along walk

lantern closeup, energy-saving lights

pond, dragon by day

dragon by night,tail in waves lantern

heavens represented around earth, 4 main groupings of stars (below)

heavens by night

earth, dragons, lit stone hill in background

Vermilion bird of the south (summer, fire)--day

Vermilion bird by night

Azure dragon of the east (spring, wood)

Black tortoise of the north (winter, water)

White tiger of the west (autumn, metal)

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