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Montreal Chinese lantern festival 2010  Chinese lanterns

Each year the Montreal Botanic Gardens features a new and renown festival of lanterns, based on a theme, in their Chinese garden (the largest outside of China).  Lanterns are designed the previous year in Montreal, fabricated from silk in China, then shipped over and assembled for the festival that runs during September and October.  The theme for 2010 is Like a Painting, featuring scenes and characters of around 1200AD from the Song Dynasty, from the most famous traditional Chinese painting: Qing Ming Shang He Tu from 1127AD .  Find out more on their website.

blue dragon

green dragon



walk and lanterns


cart with goods

street entertainer

boat and fisherman

tents, front

tents, back

man carrying boxes

mandarin (scholar/official) and servant

fortified city

caravan man and camel

merchant selling

boat and oarsmen

elite woman in sedan chair


bridge with travelers

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