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Montreal Chinese lantern festival 2012  Chinese lanterns

Each year the Montreal Botanic Gardens features a new and renown festival of lanterns, based on a theme, in their Chinese garden (the largest outside of China).  Lanterns are designed the previous year in Montreal, fabricated from silk in China, then shipped over and assembled for the festival that runs during September and October.  The Magic of Lanterns theme for 2012 is the Festival of Peaches. In Chinese mythology, the queen mother of the west Xi Want Mu serves her guests the peaches of immortality from her garden, which ripen only every 3000 years and confer immortality on those who eat them, Among her guests, depicted in the lanterns, are the Eight Immortals, the goddess of compassion Guanyin, the Jade Emperor, the laughing buddha, and the Monkey King.  Find out more on the gardens website.

mythical bird

dragon in woods

dragon close


guests with gifts

emperor and entourage

festival of peaches

queen and Jade emperor, rare pearl with golden phoenix and white jade dragon

happy Budai (not Buddha) and Guanyin (Goddess of Compassion)

Monkey King (set to ruin the festivities)

dancers, bird, horses

Eight Immortals

woman with peaches


horses and lotus pods in lotus pond

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