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Montreal Chinese lanterns 2014 montreal Chinese lanterns

Each year the Montreal Botanic Gardens features a new and renown festival of lanterns, based on a theme, in their Chinese garden (the largest outside of China).   Lanterns are designed the previous year in Montreal, fabricated from silk in China, then shipped over and assembled for the festival that runs during September and October. The Magic of Lanterns theme changes yearly, this year honoring a famous admiral Zheng He of the early Ming dynasty in the early 1400s.  Find out more on the gardens website.

Walk and lanterns

ships by day

ships by night

window into entrance courtyard

peacock and bird of paradise plant

admiral and giraffe

lake, ships, rudbeckia, tower

ships sailing

pond by night

admiral Zheng He

"floating" ship pavilion

tigers by day

tigers by night



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