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Chinese Lanterns chinese lantern

The Montreal  Botanic Garden (Provence of Quebec, Canada) has a famous Chinese lantern festival in their Chinese garden (the largest outside of China), illuminated each evening from early September to late October, and different each year. (click here for 2001 lanterns).  The following  are from their 2004 festival of lanterns.

In addition, in their display greenhouse is the annual Halloween Pumpkin Ball, with a theme each year (this year relating to world agriculture), including pumpkins decorated by local children.  Winners are judged and announced at a final ball.  A few representative photos of these are below.

Chinese lanterns

temple in pond

pond, lanterns and reflection, mountain

arches in pond, pagoda

people and carriage, in pond

dragon pillar


lantern tree

floating turtle

typical silk lantern along walks (all are different)

hanging cat lantern along walk (typical of small animal lanterns)

Inside displays

Peace sign (succulents like sedum)

Live Witch (in main conservatory Halloween display, french speaking)

Hanging lanterns

Pink pumpkin

Green pumpkin

Universe pumpkin

Hawaiian pumpkin

several pumpkins

watering can dried arrangement

Outside display

Halloween maze at greenhouse entrance

Fall display outside greenhouse (bronze sedge, ageratum, amaranth, corn)

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