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St. Louis Floral Plantings  st louis flowers

Fall photos (September 2010) of floral plantings in downtown public spaces.  

city park, old capitol, arch, fountain pink for breast cancer

annual border

large planter with banana

planter with orange zinnias

planter with pink oleander, ornamental sweet potato

pink zinnias, gomphrena (pink for breast cancer)

papyrus planter

pink ribbon (breast cancer) mosaic, silver dicondra

street planting, large grasses

street planting, purple castor bean

park walk, sculptures

trees and building reflection

grasses along walk

Fireworks goldenrod in island bed

flamingo in fountain

white bunny sculptures

walk, boxes with purple sweet potato

planters in office plaza

groundcovers, lantana along walk

hydrangea and grasses, foliages

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