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Kris Fenderson garden Kris Fenderson garden

This private garden in Acworth, NH by this well-known landscape designer, author and primula expert, is open only on special days or for charity events.  It is on a rural hillside, with many unusual plants, some 30 years old.  

1790 farmhouse, red smokebush against blue spruce

arch, rose, weeping katsura

lower wet area, primroses

upper scree area, foliages

scree area, house

spruce, honeysuckle weaving


Russian cypress, hosta, fern


raised bed



steps to patio

clay pots

trough planter

pots grouped

gray pots

foliage, cuphea

foliages, impatiens, elephant ears

gold and white (duranta foliage, calibrachoa, white browallia)

white planter, chocolate cosmos

pot grouping, monk wire art

patio, serviceberry

hostas, hydrangeas

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